Nutritious Tricolor paratha is a delicious Indian bread recipe served as a breakfast or snack. A Tricolor paratha made with healthy green veggies is a feast for eyes as much as our forever hungry tummies.
Stuffed parathas is a very famous North Indian food enjoyed by all. These parathas are made with spicy potato masala or any other veggies.

Here I have used fresh green peas with potatoes for the stuffing, thus natural veg. colors for outer layer. Overall its very healthy breakfast menu.
PREPARATION TIME                                             30 Min.
Cooking time                                                            20 Min.                          
Servings                                                                     10 Parathas
For Red color dough
Beetroot                                                                     1 Small
Wheat flour                                                              1 Cup
Chili powder                                                           1/4 Tsp
Salt                                                                            A little
Soak the beetroot in water for 10 min. Peel off the beetroot and grate it .

In grated beetroot add salt and red chili powder, mix it. Add wheat flour, knead it to
make Red color tight dough, greased with oil. Covered and keep aside.
For green color dough
Wheat flour                                                           1 Cup
Spinach leaves                                                     15-20
Salt                                                                          A little
Green chilies                                                        2
Wash and blanch the spinach leaves. Grind the leaves with gren chilies and make a fine paste. Add this paste in wheat flour, add salt. Knead it to make Green color
dough, greased with oil. Covered and keep aside.
Wheat flour                                                         1 cup
Knead a dough like chapati or paratha.
Make sure knead all three dough with same stiff consistency…. Not loose or not hard
For stuffing
Fresh green peas                                             1 Cup
Potatoes boiled                                                 3-4
Onion                                                                   1
Garlic cloves                                                      5-6
Ginger                                                                 1″
Cumin seed powder                                        1 Tsp
Fennel seed powder                                       2 Tsp
Red chili powder                                              1 Tbsp
Asafoetida                                                         A pinch
Turmeric powder                                             1/2 Tsp
Salt                                                                     To taste
Garam masala                                                 1 Tsp
Coriander leaves                                            2-3 Tbsp
Green chilies crushed                                  2
Butter                                                                For applying on parathas
Heat oil in a pan , add mustard seeds and let then crackle. Add crushed green chilies and finely chopped onion, saute until it changes color. Add ginger n garlic paste
and all other stuffing ingredients with mashed potatoes. Mix well , let it cool.

Take the three coloured dough, divide same size small balls from each color. Take the dough one by one , each colour seperately. Roll out them like a log.Place them
in a row Red , white and Green, join them together slightly.

1fb73323-3e1a-4514-9a8c-44eaaaf90d1e Roll the logs tightly.

7d05ef7e-0f00-4515-9232-02f8db6668dfRoll out the small chapati from this three color logs.

72fd9754-62dc-4c0f-9eb1-787dba62ff11 Make 2 chapatis for one paratha. Place the stuffing on one paratha, spread out stuffing evenly.

95734730-b895-4d5f-b181-9ab05fd8cdce.jpgCover this with other chapati, seal it from all the sides, ensure it is properly sealed stuffing inside.

afb4ccd7-1d98-4f4b-a334-1764e5be18a8 (1) Dust some dry flour on rolling board and roll out this paratha little bit carefully. Heat a griddle, roast the parathas on medium heat.

b1bb5546-5b4c-47a3-8ab0-ea63ed42461b.jpg Apply butter while roasting. Serve hot Tricolour paratha with curd and chutney.8b90cd91-4655-46aa-8c94-e019f87b767fEnjoy the healthy…Tasty…Mouthwatering parathas.