पनीर पराठा

पनीर पराठा साहित्य १/२ वाटी किसलेलं पनीर १ चमचा लोणच्याचा मसाला १/२ वाटी बारीक चिरलेला कांदा मुठभर कोथिंबीर चिरून मीठ-साखर चवीप्रमाणे २ वाट्या कणीक तेल किंवा तूप किंवा बटर कृती प्रथम कणकेत १/४ टिस्पून मीठ व १ टे.स्पून तेल घालून मऊसर कणीक भिजवून झाकून ठेवावी . व सारणाचे जिन्नस तयार करावे ,कांदा बारीक चिरावा .कोथिंबीर चिरून घ्यावी . एका वाडग्यात कीसलेले पनीर , बारीक कापलेला … Continue reading पनीर पराठा

Dhaba Style Shev Bhaji 

Shev Bhaji or Sev Bhaji is a very popular Maharashtrian recipe. Sev is deep fried savory noodles made with besan or gram flour. Sev Bhaji is sev cooked in rassa or broth, which is quite spicy. Sev is very absorbent and it thickens the broth, turning it into the gravy-like consistency. The sev bhaji gravy is piquant, very warm and comforting. It has a layer … Continue reading Dhaba Style Shev Bhaji 

Macaroni Cheese Recipe

Children are so precious and go about life, unbothered and being merry in their own world. Children are the catalyst, crucial to propel any nation’s progress. Hence, a special day is marked to celebrate the happiness of children. Universally it is celebrated on November 20. So this spl. recipe For our kids …. To make combination of healthy tasty recipes.Instead of feeding them outdoor food, … Continue reading Macaroni Cheese Recipe

Choco Almond Muffin Recipe 

Children’s Day is a day when you celebrate with your child and children around the world. It’s not the only day you do that, of course, but in India, we celebrate it to coincide with Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. And on days like these,it’s always good to just spend time with your kids and cook or do something equally fun. It’s definitely fun to whip up … Continue reading Choco Almond Muffin Recipe 

हातसडीच्या तांदळाची पौष्टिक खिचडी

: २ ते ३ जणांसाठी वेळ: २० ते २५ मिनीटे साहित्य १ कप तांदूळ १/२ कप मूग डाळ तीन ते साडेतीन कप गरम पाणी फोडणीसाठी १ टेस्पून तेल १ चमचा मोहोरी १/४ टिस्पून जिरे १ चिमटी हिंग १/२ टिस्पून हळद १ टिस्पून लाल तिखट कढीपत्ता कोथिंबीर १-२ हिरवी मिरची १/२ कप मटार १ लहान सिमला मिरची १ टिस्पून गोडा मसाला चवीपुरते मिठ कृती १) खिचडी … Continue reading हातसडीच्या तांदळाची पौष्टिक खिचडी

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STUFFED TRICOLOR PARATHA Nutritious Tricolor paratha is a delicious Indian bread recipe served as a breakfast or snack. A Tricolor paratha made with healthy green veggies is a feast for eyes as much as our forever hungry tummies. Stuffed parathas is a very famous North Indian food enjoyed by all. These parathas are made with spicy potato masala or any other veggies. Here I have used fresh green … Continue reading TASTY STUFFED PARATHA