गव्हाचा पौष्टीक चिवडा!

एक वेगळी , स्वादिष्ट, पौष्टिक आणि पोट भरणारी पाककृती आपल्या महाराष्ट्रात विविध प्रांतांत अशा पारंपारिक रेसिपीज आहेत त्यातील खानदेशातील एक , तुम्हाला आवडेल अशी आशा करते. कृती थोडी कठीण आहे. अनेक पायर्‍यांमधे करण्याची आहे. पण अंतिम रिझल्ट हा एक उत्तम चटकदार पदार्थ आहे. त्यामुळे worth to try …. चिवडा असा चविष्ट बनणार असेल तर कधीतरी करून बघायला हरकत नाही पण असे तयार गहू ( wheat … Continue reading गव्हाचा पौष्टीक चिवडा!

Choco Almond Muffin Recipe 

Children’s Day is a day when you celebrate with your child and children around the world. It’s not the only day you do that, of course, but in India, we celebrate it to coincide with Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. And on days like these,it’s always good to just spend time with your kids and cook or do something equally fun. It’s definitely fun to whip up … Continue reading Choco Almond Muffin Recipe 

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STUFFED TRICOLOR PARATHA Nutritious Tricolor paratha is a delicious Indian bread recipe served as a breakfast or snack. A Tricolor paratha made with healthy green veggies is a feast for eyes as much as our forever hungry tummies. Stuffed parathas is a very famous North Indian food enjoyed by all. These parathas are made with spicy potato masala or any other veggies. Here I have used fresh green … Continue reading TASTY STUFFED PARATHA


Maggie and its dishes are widely accepted by all age groups. Now a days wraps and rolls are highly popular among  Kids and youngsters. This Maggie Roll will not only loved by kids and youngsters but  elders  will also love it. INGREDIENTS For kneading dough Wheat flour                                     … Continue reading MAGGIE ROLLS


Rajma masala is a lightly spiced famous Punjabi curry. When you have mouth melting Rajma beans in a creamy curry you have a comforting meal. Recipe type                            main Cuisine                                  Punjabi Serves           … Continue reading RAJMA MASALA