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STUFFED TRICOLOR PARATHA Nutritious Tricolor paratha is a delicious Indian bread recipe served as a breakfast or snack. A Tricolor paratha made with healthy green veggies is a feast for eyes as much as our forever hungry tummies. Stuffed parathas is a very famous North Indian food enjoyed by all. These parathas are made with spicy potato masala or any other veggies. Here I have used fresh green … Continue reading TASTY STUFFED PARATHA


ALOO PARATHA Aloo ( potato) stuffed paratha is fail safe combination, paratha is one of the most popular recipe from Punjab. Aloo  paratha which I am presenting here is very simple and easy to make. In Punjab the parathas are made with lots of ghee and then served with dollops of white butter or makhan, which easily available in almost every home. Recipe Type                          Breakfast … Continue reading ALOO PARATHA


INGREDIENTS  Idly batter                              3 cup Spinach leaves                       15 Beetroot                                 small 1 Garlic                         … Continue reading COLORED IDLI


Serve this DHOKALA CAKE as a finger food or starter for the party menu. I smear a simple coriander-coconut chutney between the two layers and pink beetroot chutney On top of the Dhokala is a mouth watering savory from western state of Gujarat. Its a non fried snack. Its a without sugar cake. Makes 4-5 serving INGREDIENTS Besan (Bengal gram flour)           … Continue reading DHOKALA CAKE


  AMBUR is a town which is in Vellore district of TAMILNADU. This town is very famous for their spicy, non-vegetarian cuisine BIRYANI. AMBUR BIRYANI is one of the South Indian dish which is emerged during the Nawabs regine- A plate of Biryani with soupy chicken curry and salad. I prepare this wonderful famous Biryani at home and they came out extremely delious. INGREDIENTS 6 SERVINGS … Continue reading AMBUR BIRYANI