Banana Walnut Lassi

To give your morning a boost of health, try making this super-easy Banana Walnut Lassi and have a great day ahead. Celebrate this auspicious occasion with fun, grandeur and delicious food. Navaratri Banana Walnut Lassi Servings 1 glass INGREDIENTS 1 cup yogurt 1 Small banana 4 walnuts 2 tsp Honey Procesedure In a food processor, pour yoghurt, walnuts, honey and bananas. Whip till it reaches … Continue reading Banana Walnut Lassi

Vrat ka Dhokla

Healthy and delicious savory steamed cake made with barnyard millet and tapioca pearls. Vrat ka dhokla is light, spongy and full of flavor! It is a quick and simple phalahari dhokla that is prepared with simple ingredients. Vrat ka dhokla Serving 4 INGREDIENTS FOR DHOKLA 1 cup Sama Rice 1/3 cup Sabudana/Sago Pearls 2-3 tablespoon Beaten Curd (yogurt) 3-4 tablespoon Water (add approx. to adjust … Continue reading Vrat ka Dhokla

sabudana khichdi

how to make sabudana khichdi for fasting vrat sabudana khichdi is usually made during fasting days like navratri so… when you make the sabudana khichdi, you have to adjust the soaking time as per the type of tapioca pearls. for some pearls 2 to 3 hours is fine. for some you don’t even need to soak them in water. just cover the pearls with water … Continue reading sabudana khichdi

आलू लच्छा नमकीन

किसी भी व्रत के लिए बनाइये फलाहारी आलू लच्छा नमकीन. यह नमकीन बेहद कुरकुरी और स्वादिष्ट होती है़. आवश्यक सामग्री आलू- 4 मूंगफली के दाने- 1 कप सेन्धा नमक- ¾ चम्मच काली मिर्च पाउडर- ½ छोटी चम्मच तेल या घी – तलने के लिए विधि आलू को धोकर छील लीजिए लच्छा बनाने के लिए मोटा वाला कद्दूकस लीजिए और पतेले में पानी भरकर ले लीजिए. … Continue reading आलू लच्छा नमकीन