आंबट चुक्याची पातळ भाजी (GREEN SORREL MAHARASHTRIAN STYLE)


आंबटचुक्याची एक जुडी
मुठभर हरबरा डाळ
1-2 लहान चमचे दाण्याचे कूट
लहान खडा गूळ
लाल तिखट
गोडा मसाला
4-5 पाकळ्या लसूण + 2 हिरव्या मिरच्या+ आल्याचा लहान तुकडा
फोडणीसाठी – तेल, कढीपत्ता, हिंग, जिरे, हिंग
पाणी गरजेनुसार


भाजी निवडून, धुवुन, चिरुन घ्यावी.
डाळ साधारण 1/2 तास भिजत ठेवावी
भाजी थोडे पाणी घालून शिजवुन घ्यावी.
शिजलेली भाजी नीट घोटुन घ्यावी.

एका पातेल्यात तेलाची फोडणी करुन घ्यावी. त्यात लसुण आलं मिरचीचे वाटण घालावे.
एखाद मिनटं परतून डाळ घालावी, व परतावी, थोडे पाणी घालून मिक्स करावे, व झाकण ठेवावे.
5 मिनीटांनी लगेच वरुन घोटलेली भाजी घालावी.

मीठ, तिखट, मसाला आणि थोडे पाणी मस्त उकळी काढावी.
शेवटी गूळ आणि दाण्याचा कुट घालून एक उकळी आणून गरम असतानाच सर्व्ह करावे.
भाकरी, चपाती, कशाहीबरोबर मस्तच लागते.


आंबटपणा कमी करण्यासाठी भाजी शिजल्यावर पाणी काढून टाकावे.

ब्रेड पकोडा


ब्रेड स्लाइस . . . . . .  ६

बटाटे . . . . . . . . . . . ३-४

बेसनपीठ . . . . . . . . . १ कप

तांदूळ पीठ . . . . . . . . २-३ टे.स्पून

हळद . . . . . . . . . . . . . १/४ टि.स्पून

तेल  . . . . . . . . . . . .    तळणासाठी

लसूण पाकळ्या . . .    .५_६

आलं . . .  . . . . . .  .  .  १”

मोहरी . . . . . . . . . . .    १/२ टिटि.स्पून

कढिपत्ता  . . . . . . . . . . ५_६

हिरव्या मिरच्या . . . . .   ३-४

कोथींबीर . . . . . . . . . . .२ टि.स्पून

तिखट . . . . . . . . . . . . . १/२ टि .स्पून

मीठ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . चवीनुसार

पुदिना . . . . . . . . . . . .   २ टि.स्पून

लिंबाचा रस . . . . . . . . . १/२ टि .स्पून


बटाटे उकडून , लगेच स्मॅश करावे म्हणजे गुढळ्या रहात नाहीत .

लसूण , आलं , हिरव्या मिरच्या , कोथींबीर व पुदिना भरडसर वाटावे .

२चमचे तेल तापवून मोहरीची फोडणी द्यावी . मोहरी तडतडली की कढिपत्ता व वाटण घालून जरासे परतून हळद व तिखट घालून परतून, ही फोडणी बटाट्यावर घालावी . मीठ व लींबाचा रस पिळून मिक्स करून ठेवा .

ब्रेड स्लाइसच्या कडा काढून टाकाव्या .आवडीनुसार ब्रेड स्लाइस कापावेत . त्रिकोनी , चौकोनी , गोल .

एका वाडग्यात बेसनपीठ , तांदूळ पीठ , हळद व मीठ घालून पिठ भिजवावे .

तळणासाठी तेल तापवा .

कापलेल्या स्लाइसवर  बटाट्याचे मिश्रण लावावे .

व ही स्लाइस पिठात घोळवून तापलेल्या तेलात तळावे .

दोन्ही बाजू गोल्डन रंगावर तळून गरम पकोडे सर्व्ह करावे .

Super easy gajar ka halwa without khoya!!

  • Carrot halwa or gajar halwa is a traditional dessert 
  • 1 cup carrot Grated
  • 1 tablespoon Ghee
  • 1/2 cup 
  • Sugar2 cups 
  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Cashews


Heat ghee in a pan and saute the grated carrot for 3-5 mins.

Add milk , mix well.

Let it cook till the carrot has absorbed all the milk for around 10- 15 mins.

Add sugar and mix well.

Allow it cook for 5-7 mins.

Once halwa is thick as solid and no more visibility of milk, add dry fruits and give it a good stir.

Switch off the flame and keep the halwa in the pan for a while, 10-15 mins. to cool down.

Rest of the moisture from the halwa will be evaporated by then.

Now Gajar ka Halwa is ready

Transfer in the serving bowl, garnish with some chopped nuts 

This dessert can be served hot as well as cold . 

Store the excess halwa (only if you can save some) in an air tight container and refrigerate. It will taste good up to 10-15 days. Mine never lasts that long, ever!

Tawa Pomfret Recipe

Rava or semolina crusted pomfret fish fry is an authentic spicy, crunchy Indian recipe. It’s really easy to make, and will force you to lick your fingers!

Cook time : 11-15 minutes

Serve : 6

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Mid Spicy


  • Pomfrets 6 medium size
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice 1
  • Red chilli powder 1 Tsp
  • Turmeric powder 1 Tsp
  • Ginger-garlic
  • Green chilies
  • Fish masala
  • Garam masala powder 1 Tsp (optional)
  • Oil 
  • Lemon slices for garnishing
  • Rava (semolina)


Making slits in the fish before marinating helps the masala penetrate inside, so it’s highly recommended.

  • Wash pomfret, pat dry, cut its tail head and side wings.
  • Make ginger garlic and coriander paste.
  • Mix coriander powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, salt and fish masala in it, mix well and apply on fish.
  • Take sooji or rice flour mix salt in it , and coat it on the fish,coat well from both the sides.
  • Shallow fry from both the sides in nonstick pan for 8-10 minutes on medium heat.
  • Its ready to serve.
  • https://youtu.be/hi1MOjF6xTs
  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWhQ4hgKi3GZVF0QfE83-wrreU0bowPj8


I never thought that I will make curry with fish head. Normally I throw it away, because my kids never eat fish head. But one day my mother-in- law told me that fish head makes tasty curry and it adds flavour to it. So I decided to give it a try and I made this curry and guess what, everyone loved it..

Pomfret head curry, This might sound bland at first or by looks but it actually tastes so good that you will definitely love it …..

Preparation Time 10 mins

Cooking Time 30 to 40 mins

Serves 4


4-6 pomfret heads
1 big sized onion
1 Tbsp roasted coriander
10-12 cloves of garlic

5-6 dry red chillies
2-3 Tbsp oil
Salt as per taste


First rinse the fish Head thoroughly.

Grind onion, red chillies, ginger, garlic, coriander seeds and coriander leaves. Add little water and grind the masala. It should be a fine masala paste

Heat oil in a pan.

Add the spice paste and saute for 4-5 min.

Add salt as per taste.

Add fish heads in it.

Saute in masala gently.

Next add water and stir gently.

Let it come to a boil.

Cover the pan and cook for 7-8 min. On simmer

Prawns Masala Curry

  • Prawn masala curry is a simple yet delicious recipe . This is quite easy and tasty. The nice thing is that the prawns are not marinated so ,only as long as it takes to make the gravy, so the recipe doesn’t take much time at all. The trick is to cook the prawns quickly or they will get rubbery and chewy. If you don’t have prawns or shrimp, you can make this with skinless, boneless chicken pieces and it is just as delicious.

Making prawns is very easy but to clean and devein the prawns is a very tedious process.

Cleaning prawns by deveining is a very important step as eating prawns without deveining causes severe health issues.

Make sure to devein them prior to making any prawn recipe.

Prawns are quick in cooking and they take not more than 15 minutes to get cooked and they taste delicious in any form of cooking such as prawns fry or prawns curry.

  • Cook 30 mins
  • Yield 4 servings
  • Ingredients
  • 1/2 kg prawns peeled, deveined, and washed
  • 8-10 garlic pods
    1/2 cup fresh coriander
    1/2 green chilies
    1 Tomato
    cooking oil (vegetable, canola, or sunflower)

    1 large onion

    A small piece of ginger

    1 Tbsp coriander powder

    1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
    1 1/2 Tsp red chili powder
    1 Tsp garam masala powder
    salt to taste
    1 Tbsp butter
  • Procedure
    This prawn masala curry tastes yum with rice.

In a blender, combine Onion, Tomato and coriander powder and grind until it’s a smooth paste.Keep aside

Also grind coriander, green chili,ginger and garlic.

In a pan, heat Tsp of cooking oil over medium heat.

Add butter in it.

When the oil and butter, add the prawns and Saute until the prawns begin to turn a pale golden brown color.

Add salt and Saute for 1 minute.

Remove and place in a separate container.

Using the same frying pan add 2 Tbsp oil in it keep medium flame.

Add 1 chopped onion. Saute until the onions begin to turn translucent.

Add the grounded paste of tomato, onion , coriander powder and stir well.

Saute until the oil begins to separate from it, This can take up to 10 minutes.

Then add ginger, garlic, coriander paste, Mix well, and saute for 1 minute.

Add the powdered spices, red chili powder, garam masala, tutmeric and salt to taste. Mix well.

Mix to coat all the prawns well.

Cook for 1 to 2 minutes .

Add water and stir well on high flame.

Allow it to boil, then cover the pan.

Cook for 10 to 12 minutes and turn off the heat.

Let us learn the recipe in written format and also with step by step procedure with the help of a video.

There are some more interesting sea food recipes 

There are many more non veg curries 

मिरची पाणी( खानदेशी बोकड काला )

ही tasty व सोपी रेसिपी माझ्या सासूबाईंच्या हातची आहे. त्यांच्या शब्दातच मांडते आहे, तुम्हीही करून पहा, नक्की आवडेल.
पूर्वी अन्न वाया घालवीत नसत. आतासारखे पूर्वी लोकांना इडली, डोसा, उपमा, पोहे हे पदार्थ माहीत नव्हते.
आम्ही त्यावेळी रात्रीचा भात, पोळ्या नाश्त्याला खायचो, अन्न अजिबात वाया घालवत नव्हतो.
म्हणून रात्रीच्या पोळीचा एक पदार्थ करीत होते म्हणजे मिरच्या पाणी करून शिळ्या पोळ्या खात असत, त्याची नवीनच चव तोंडाला येते.

लसूण पाकळ्या
सुक्या लाल मिरच्या
प्रथम लसूण, जिरं, मीठ एकत्र करून चांगले हाताने चुरावं.( लवकर बारीक व्हावं म्हणून जिरं, मिरची जराशी गरम करून घ्यावी)
नंतर त्यात एक दोन पोळी पुरतं पाणी घालून चांगले चुरावं. त्यातच पोळी बारीक करून कुचरावी. वरून तेल घालावे.
तेल थोडे जास्त घालावे म्हणजे रुचकर लागते.

Methichi Patal Bhaji / Fenugreek Curry Recipe

This is a typical Maharashtrian curry .

The most awesome thing about these is the sizzling lasun (Garlic) tadka. The aroma just amazing.
And My mom makes it awesome .

A very simple yet delicious fresh fenugreek leaves curry dish with minimal ingredients.

I served it in a typical Maharashtrian style with bajrichi/Naglichi/jwarichi bhakari .

This simple thali is a comfort food specially for my Mother- in-law during winters. She just loves it.

The curry has a typical taste of methi leaves , but is not bitter at all. This healthy green curry is easy to make and it is ready within 10-15 minutes.  

It is beneficial recipe in pregnancy and delivery. And it helps in digestion,

It boos the immune system and protecting you against various infections. 

Preparation Time…. 10 min.

Cooking Time……10 min

Servings……3- 4


  • 1 bunch of Fenugreek
  • 2-4 green chilies
  • 10-12 cloves of Garlic
  • 2 tablespoon Oil
  • Pinch of Asafoetida / Hing
  • Salt to taste


  1. Clean the fenugreek .
  2. Discard the thick stems only.
  3. Wash the leaves thoroughly to remove dirt and impurities.
  4. Drain and keep aside.
  5. In a pan heat up oil.
  6. Add chopped garlic
  7. Once the garlic changed its color add green chillies and asafoetida .
  8. Add 3 cups of water approx. and salt to taste and allow it to boil on high flame.
  9. Once it boils, add methi leaves .
  10. Mix well , lower the flame and cover ,cook for 5-10 minutes and put off the flame.
  11. Serve methichi patal bhaji hot with chapati or Bhakri.

Healthy green vegies: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWhQ4hgKi3GZ8nVV2YRcB0xMLZm49690n


Mulyachi (Radish) bhaji

Mulyachi bhaji is a dry sabzi(vegetable) popular in Maharashtra and Goa served for lunch or dinner ….

Preparation and Cook Time: 10-20 Minutes

Serves : 4


  • 2 Big Radish/Mooli with it’s leaves
  • 4-6 Green Chilies
  • Mustard seeds
  • Oil
  • Asafoetida
  • Turmeric
  • Salt to taste


Clean and wash mula.

Grate the white part

Chop leaves and green chillies

In a kadai / pan , add oil , add mustard seeds.

Allow it to splutter.

Add Turmeric , green chillies.

Add grated radish.

Mix well

Add chopped leaves, mix well cover and cook 5 min. on medium- simmer flame.

Add salt , mix well.

Let it cook on medium flame.

Within 10min. It’s ready to serve.

Healthy green vegies: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWhQ4hgKi3GZ8nVV2YRcB0xMLZm49690n