I never thought that I will make curry with fish head. Normally I throw it away, because my kids never eat fish head. But one day my mother-in- law told me that fish head makes tasty curry and it adds flavour to it. So I decided to give it a try and I made this curry and guess what, everyone loved it..

Pomfret head curry, This might sound bland at first or by looks but it actually tastes so good that you will definitely love it …..

Preparation Time 10 mins

Cooking Time 30 to 40 mins

Serves 4


4-6 pomfret heads
1 big sized onion
1 Tbsp roasted coriander
10-12 cloves of garlic

5-6 dry red chillies
2-3 Tbsp oil
Salt as per taste


First rinse the fish Head thoroughly.

Grind onion, red chillies, ginger, garlic, coriander seeds and coriander leaves. Add little water and grind the masala. It should be a fine masala paste

Heat oil in a pan.

Add the spice paste and saute for 4-5 min.

Add salt as per taste.

Add fish heads in it.

Saute in masala gently.

Next add water and stir gently.

Let it come to a boil.

Cover the pan and cook for 7-8 min. On simmer

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