An easy recipe made with Baigan ( aubergine/ eggplant)
PREPARATION TIME                           15 min.
COOK TIME                                            15 min.
TOTAL TIME                                          30 min.
Bharta baigan                                     1 large (approx. 500 grams)
Tomato                                                  1 small
Onions                                                  2 large
Green chilies                                       4-5
Asafoetida                                           A pinch
Salt                                                        As per taste
Garam masala                                   1/2 Tsp
Mustard seeds                                  A few
Oil                                                        2-3 Tbsp
Coriander leaves

Roast the baigan (eggplant) on an open flame or on top of a grill. Roast the baigan (aubergine) till the skin gets complete charred. Keep on rotating the baigan on the flame so that its gets cooked evenly and completely from all the sides.

Insert a fork or a knife in the center of the baigan, check if its soft, if not continue with the roasting. Switch off the flame. Place this roasted baigan in a bowl and cover it for some time.

Let it cool, then peel the charred skin and discard it.

Roughly smash the baigan and keep aside.

Chop the onions and tomato. Peel the garlic cloves and roughly mash with green chilies. Heat oil in a wok.
Add mustard seeds, asafoetida. Add chili and garlic paste. Add chopped onions , srir it often till it turns color. Add chopped tomato, stir it for 2 min.

Add red chili and garam masala, stir for a while. Add mashed baigan, salt and chopped coriander leaves. Stir the bharta well. Cook with lid for under 5 min.dc91cea3-1e1a-4cac-884e-d47244c213a0.jpg

Serve hot with chapati or Bhakari.

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