Yesterday, I prepared Pav Bhaji for dinner, I made more than what we could finish it. I stuck up with  the remanants in the fridge… I am not particularly fond of
leftover.. But what to do with this stuff. Toasted sandwiches are  big drawvin our family… its easy to make and all time favorite. So this time i
thought to use pav bhaji and we had a satisfing breakfast. Its actually a wow breakfast.
Pav bhaji grilled sandwich serves 4

Bread slices (whole wheat)                                       8
Butter                                                                              for applying on slices
Onion & Tomato (chopped)                                     1 cup
Bhaji                                                                                1 cup
Chesse slices                                                                 optional

Appy butter on the bread slices.

0452704c-ebcb-4d47-88cb-049b13960eaf.jpgPlace Bhaji on four bread slices. Sprinkle some tomato and onion on it. Also sprinkle some chaat masala.

Cover these with the remaining bread slices. Now toast the sandwiches in toaster or grill. Remove when done. Serve veg. toast sandwich with tomato ketchup and some mint
cilantro chutney.5dedc25e-3dcf-444c-9e87-ce069453bfdb.jpg

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