Prep. Time : 30 min.

Cook time : 20 min.

Dahi vada is one of my familys favourite snack in summer as it is cool and juicy.

The secret of soft and melt in the mouth Vadas lies in beating the Vada batter till light and airy.

The consistency of the batter will decide how soft the Vadas will turn out.

Use the beaten batter immediately to prepare the Vadas.

Always use fresh thick curd that is not sour.

For preparing Vadas


Urad dal                     1 cup

Green chillies           4

Salt                            to taste

Curry leaves             10

Soda-bi-carb             1/2 Tspoon


soak and drain the urad dal after 4-5 hours.


Grind the Urad dal, green chillies , curry leaves , salt and soda- bi- carb in food processor to a coarse paste.




Add a little water if required.


Remove this batter to a bowl .

Using hand or a spoon , beat the batter for a good 5 min. till it is airy and light.


The batter should be light and fluffy.

Heat oil in wok for frying the VADAS.

Wet hands and take 2 TB spoon of the batter on palm and shape into a circle.





Deep fry in hot oil on a medium  flame.




Drain on absorbent paper.




Curd                                            3 cup

Suger or honey                         as per require

Salt                                              to taste

Khajur imli ki chatani               2 tbsp

Red chilli powder


Beat the  curd with sugar and salt till smooth .




If you want to add honey then first beat  the curd and after that add honey.

Soak the deep fried vadas in warm and some salty water for about 10 min.




Drain and squeeze out the excess water.



Arrange the Vadas  on a dish or bowl  and top with beaten chilled curd mixture evenly all over the Vadas , covering them . Keep in  refrigerator for some time.



While serving arrange 2 -3  Vadas in serving dish with curd.

Garnish with red chilli powder  and cumin seed powder or chaat masala , salt .



If you like also garnish with khajur imli ki chatani.



Tasty cool DAHI VADA is ready to serve.

Enjoy with your family members.



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