Sweet and simple.

Lassi is a extremely popular ,rich and creamy Indian beverage.

Originated from Punjab / north India …this drink is now famous world wide.

Its hot weather refreshments and slightly heavier , leaving you full for a longer time.


Yogurt                               2cups

Water                               1/2cup chilled water

Sugar                                To taste (3tbsp)

Cardamom Powder       Pinch (Optional)

Ice Cubes                        As Required

Pistachios/Almonds     For Garnishing

Rose syrup                     2 Tbspoon


In a blender blend yogurt, water, sugar & Cardamom powder until smooth & frothy.



If you like extremely cold, add ice cubes while blending.



To serve, first pour crushed ice and add 1tbspoon of rose syrup on it and again add crushed ice and pour lassi in a glass & garnish with some sliced pistachio & Almonds.



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