shrikhand 1

In India, New Year is celebrated in various ways and known by different names in different state.

In KASHMIR, it is known as NAVREH. In south Indian states like KARNATAKA and ANDHRA PRADESH it is known as UGADI. SINDHIS call it CHETI CHAND. The MARATHAS call it GUDI PADWA.

In MAHARASTRA, you can find GUDIS prominently displayed in their windows or balconies. A GUDI is a pole on which an upturned copper or silver pot called a Kalash is placed. The GUDI  is covered with a colourful silk cloth or silk saree and decorated with coconut, marigold, mango leaves and neem leaves.

On this festive day mainly SHRIKHAND is offered to God in most of the Maharashtrian houses.

SHRIKHAND a sweet delicacy prepared primarily in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

SHRIKHAND is a magical transformation of simple curds by a simple procedure.

Very simple ,  tasty recipe and one of the desert that can be prepared by using all the  material readily available.

SHRIKHAND tastes just fabulous with garma garam puffed puris!


Thick curd                             1 kg

Sugar                                     ¾ cup

Cardamom                           2 Tsp

Almonds                               as per need

Pistachio slivers                  as per need


Hang the curd in a Muslin cloth for minimum 3 hours, until all the liquid (whey) has drained off, the thick curd is called CHAKKA.

shrikhand 11


Combine the hung curd, cardamom powder and sugar in a bowl and churn using a hand blender.




If you want kesar flavour , take 2-3 spoon of milk and kesar strands(4-5) in it.

Then add it in the chakka.

The mixture should be very smooth and sugar dissolves properly.

Sieve the chakka in muslin cloth to get creamy texture.




Now our SHRIKHAND is ready. Keep it in fridge.


Garnish it with Almond and pistachios slivers and serve with hot Puris.

shrikhand 2



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