Serves – 4

dum aloo 9




Baby potatoes                                                         – 10-12

Oil                                                                              – 3-4 tb. spoon

Onion                                                                        – 2

Tomato                                                                     – 1

Garlic paste                                                              – 1 T. Spoon

Ginger paste                                                            – 1 T. Spoon

Coriander powder                                                  – 1 Tb. Spoon

Coriander                                                                 – As per required

Garam masala                                                         – 1 T. Spoon

Salt                                                                            – As per required

Red chili powder                                                    – 1 Tb. Spoon

Astafodia                                                                  – 1 T. Spoon

Black pepper                                                            – 4


First Par boil the baby potatoes, remove its skin and keep aside and let it cool down.Heat oil in a pan and add hing {astafodia} ,finely chopped onions, when the onion turns transparent

dum aloo 6-1.jpg

add finely chopped tomatoes and stir for 5 min.

dum aloo 5-1.jpg

Add ginger – garlic paste ,coriander powder , garam masala, red chilli powder ,crushed black pepper and sauté it nicely for 2 min.

dum aloo 3-1.jpg Add baby potatoes and fried cashew mix all the materials well. Add water, as per required,when it starts boiling cover the pan, keep the flame low,THE TASTY DUM ALOOss is ready……Garnish it with coriander and serve with hot parathas or white boiled rice…..

dum aloo



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